About Foxface

Foxface is a character from Suzanne Collins' popular book series The Hunger Games. She appears only in the first book, and is the Tribute for District 5 (Power). Katniss gives her the nickname of "Foxface" after seeing her on TV when they announce the contestants for the Games. She describes her as a "girl that looks like a fox", because of her red hair and thin face. Foxface's real name is never revealed.

During the Games, Foxface lives up to her namesake - she is clever and evasive, and uses ingenious strategies, such as hiding in the Cornucopia at the Feast, in order to survive. She avoids contact with other tributes but relies on them for food; she steals just enough food to survive, but not enough to arouse suspicion that any food is missing. She dies after surreptitiously stealing some of Peeta's food, which happened to be a type of poisonous berry called nightlock. Katniss believes her to have been the smartest of all the tributes, and later remarks that "If, in fact, we had been setting a trap for her, she'd have sensed it and avoided the berries". At one point, Katniss considers enlisting Foxface as an ally, but rules it out because "there's something about that sly grin that makes me sure that befriending Foxface would ultimately get me a knife in the back".

In The Hunger Games film, Foxface is portrayed by actress Jacqueline Emerson.

I loved Foxface ever since the first time I read the book. Despite her being a relatively minor character, she is one of the more interesting ones. She is sneaky, clever and could have possibly won the Games. I also like the fact that she never killed anybody (that we're aware of, but it's unlikely). I liked that her nickname fitted not only her looks, but her game strategy as well.

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