About the Episode

"To the Last Man" is the third episode of the second series of British science fiction television series Torchwood, which was broadcast by BBC Two on 30 January 2008.

Tommy Brockless (Anthony Lewis), a young World War I soldier and shell-shocked from his experiences in the trenches, is the key to saving the world. He is taken into custody by Torchwood in 1918 - Torchwood having been told to do so by his future self - and held in cryonic storage until the time comes for him to save the world. He is awoken one day each year for a medical check-up and a "day out" as a precautionary measure in case he is needed.

A time shift is set to cause 1918 and the present to bleed together at an unspecified time, and when this happens it is Tommy who will be "stitching" the fragments of 1918 back to their rightful place in time.

It is ninety years before this eventually happens and fragments of 1918 are appearing in an old abandoned hospital. Before the team realise that this is the year, Toshiko (Naoki Mari) becomes infatuated with Tommy. Owen (Burn Gorman), noticing the closeness between them and having experienced something similar (cf. "Out of Time"), warns Tosh about the eventuality of saying goodbye.

The first time I saw this episode I fell in love with it. I'm a sucker for any sort of romance, and the romance between Tommy and Toshiko was gorgeous. Particularly because they are from different time periods and courtship/dating rules had changed since Tommy's time, but also because their romance was so short-lived. It was quite bittersweet. I really loved Anthony Lewis as Tommy. As some of you might know he is the older brother of Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and not only do they look alike, but they sound very similar too!

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