About Rory Williams

Rory Williams (played by Arthur Darvill) is one of the main characters in Series 5 of BBC’s Doctor Who. He is the boyfriend and future husband of Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), companion to the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). Rory himself also becomes a companion to the Doctor, and features throughout the series. His first appearance is in episode one, “The Eleventh Hour”.

Rory is a straightforward, uncomplicated sort of bloke, who is initially wary of the Doctor and his constant surprises. He has known Amy since they were children, when she made him dress up as her ‘raggedy Doctor’. It was because of this that led Rory to a medical profession.

Rory is compassionate, inquisitive, and capable of great bravery and endurance (as shown in episodes “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang”). He loves Amy, but the Doctor sometimes exasperates him and he occasionally worries that Amy is only with him because he reminds her of the Time Lord. Just a little bit. Rory has already come to trouble by following them around the universe but he’s faced terrifying aliens with immense courage, and would defend his wife no matter who or what threatened her.

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