About the Album

A Hundred Million Suns (released October 27th 2008 in the UK and the 28th October 2008 in the US) marks Snow Patrol's fifth album release after what could be called their breakthrough fourth album with Eyes Open. The album is a departure from Snow Patrol's earlier productions. Lead vocalist and lyricist Gary Lightbody said he wanted to make a record cheerful as compared to their previous albums. Instead of describing a relationship's end, the record was written in perspective of a relationship that is working. The band members took additional lessons before starting the recording. They have described the album as their best to date.


 1. If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It - 4:20
 2. Crack The Shutters - 3:21
 3. Take Back The City - 4:40
 4. Lifeboats - 4:42
 5. The Golden Floor - 3:20
 6. Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands - 4:26
 7. Set Down Your Glass - 3:44
 8. The Planets Bend Between Us - 4:18
 9. Engines - 5:10
 10. Disaster Button - 3:58
 11. The Lightning Strike - 16:19
     (i) What If This Storm Ends?
     (ii) The Sunlight Through The Flags
     (iii) Daybreak

Other Information

Lyrics written by: Gary Lightbody
Music written by: Nathan Connolly, Gary Lightbody, Tom Simpson, Paul Wilson, Jonny Quinn
Produced and mixed by: Garret 'Jacknife' Lee
Recorded: Hansa Studios, Berlin and Grouse Lodge, Ireland
Label: Fiction / Interscope
Publishing by: Universal Music Publishing Ltd

Gary Lighbody
Vocals, Guitar and Backing Vocals
Nathan Connolly
Guitar and Backing Vocals
Paul Wilson
Bass and Backing Vocals
Tom Simpson
Keys and Samples
Jonny Quinn

Thanks to Snow Patrol and Wikipedia for this information.